How to Download and Install Google Chrome in presense of Google technical support Team

Google Chrome is the free web service developed by the Google which is indeed very fast , it helps to download pages with in no time , one can access tabs in  two separate  windows most importantly it is very simple which can be brought in use very easily . Hence it is important to download and install the same to keep yourself abreast of the same. It is free to download for Windows, Mac Os x, Linux, Android, and as well as ios

How to download the Google Chrome :

Step by step Layout for personal computer, Mac, Linux.

  • First and the foremost thing to do is go on the website for the Google Chrome, the user can use any internet explorer to search the website.
  • Once you are on the website hit Download Chrome.
  • On this step the user has to choose if they want to set Google Chrome as default browser if you tick the option then it will open as soon as you click on the webpage.
  • After doing the same before moving on the next page, one has to accept the term of service for the Google Chrome in order to do the same, kindly read it and then click on the Accept and Install.
  • Sign in Chrome – at this point the page will appear which will show the information , at this very step the user can also synchronize the bookmarks, browsing history , it will also show how to use the  same .
  • How to download the Google Chrome on Mobile – If it is not available on your phone
  • If you are using the Android phone hit play store, for Ios click on the app store.
  • Search for Google Chrome by Google and then hit on install once it will start downloading.
  • Open the application – now the user will be asked to sign in order to synchronize with the Google account as this will also synchronize your bookmarks, browsing history.

This will the user to download the Google chrome in easy steps as well now that it is the need of the hour however if the user face any concern in downloading the same the help is just a call away, one can call the Google technical support customer service and through the remote access the expert will do the needful for the user.

How to install the Google Chrome – in order to use the same

Windows – if you are using windows on your device carry the following steps to install the same.

  • We have already downloaded the Google chrome app , now hit run or you will see the save option .
  • Double click on the save to start the installation. Once it is complete.
  • Hit start Google Chrome now it will appear differently for different Windows version –

 For windows 7 it will come as once you will click it will open the Google Chrome

 For Windows 8 and 8.1 – welcome page will pop up click next.

 Linux -  As we have already downloaded the application now that is required to do is hit ok , then click install package and now the information will be added to your device and hence the user can use the Google  Chrome.

Mac – if your operating system is Mac kindly carry the following steps to install the Chrome.

  • Drag the application to the folder, if you have the rights otherwise one has to authenticate.
  • Open Chrome you will see you can see  it has synchronized everything.

If you have downloaded the Google Chrome application however you not able to get that installed all you need to do is go on the Google Chrome website write your concern in the search bar and you have the steps need to be taken, one can also take the extended help from the community, if still need  help experts’ advice is just a call away , call the Goggle Chrome technical Supports customers service and make him listen to your concern so that you can get the experts’ advice. 



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