25 April

What Are The Two Ways To Block Ads On Google Chrome

Chrome contains the large selection of extensions that helps the users to block all the annoying ads which could be found around the web.The extensions are for free and user could do the easy customisation for the sites for which they want ads and for which they down’t.There are two different ways through which the individual may block ads.

Here one could see the two methods through which they may block ads that has been suggested through the Google chrome tech support team:-

With the help of AdBlock

 1.First users are required to click over the button of “Chrome” menu

2.It is now required to choose the option for “More Tools” and then “Extensions”

3.Users should now click the option for “Get more extensions” link that is at the bottom of the page

4.Individual should now search for the adblock plus

5.It is now need to click the option for "+ Free" button that would be next to the “AdBlock entry” in the section of the "Extensions"

6.However users need to click the option for “Add” through the option of window that appears

7.It is time to click the “AdBlock” and should click “Options”

8.From there,users should click the option for “Filter lists”

9.Now it is time to choose any extra filter lists that one would wants to use

10.The “Customize” option now need to be clicked now

11.From there users may click the option for "Show ads on a webpage or domain"

12.It is now need to pause adblock while browsing

Through the help of Adblock Plus

1.Users are first required to click the button of “Chrome” menu

2.It is now need to select “More Tools” and then “Extensions”

3.Individual should now tap the option for “Get more extensions”link that is at the bottom

4.Now users could search for the “Adblock Plus”

From here users should click the option for "+ Free" button which is next to the “Adblock Plus entry” in the section of “Extensions”

However users coulc click the “Add” option through the window that will appear

Users may set the options over the "First Run" page

It is now need to click the "ABP" button and should choose "Options"

Non-intrusive advertising could be allowed or disallowed now

It is the time when the users will add custom filters

Sites could be added to the whitelist

Users may now pause “Adblock Plus” while browsing

All those who needs further help for the above solved issue,they may contact the Google chrome technical support team through using the help number that would be easy to find over the customer service site.

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