11 June

How to Use dedicated server?

Dedicated hosting is sometimes like a dedicated server which could be set up in-house and can be used to get external benefits within a data center.


What is dedicated server?

Dedicated hosting has been found as the configuration where a server is always dedicated towards single organisation or has its single purpose, such as a website.When you use shared hosting,server acts as a host for multiple clients.

How to Use dedicated server?

Sign in  to your server account

To  setup the server in which you want to login i.e WebHost Manager, it helps to administrate the dedicated server.

You should set up networking

If you are getting notifications associated to problems in the server by completing the Sign up  process for email notifications.There is need to go to the “Server Contact Email Address” and should enter email address.

Needs to set up an IP Address

When you want to add sites with dedicated IP addresses or nameservers,there is need to bind IP addresses to the server.It can be done by tapping Add IP(s) button.Now, you should enter the IP address.

Time to configure Nameservers

These are the important programs which keeps the list of the domain names including the IP addresses.It will allow the visitors to find specific domains on the dedicated server.The default option is BIND and if there no plan to use server as a nameserver, you may even select DISABLED option.

Do the setup for services

It helps you to select from different types of services and even helps in configuring them.As most of the important services are good to use with default settings,one of that is cPHulk.It is a service that prevents hackers to use scripts that are known for generating random usernames and passwords to access the server.

There is need to set up quotas

It is the last step where you can decide that you want to keep a track the of the bandwidth of each user who visits the server.


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