21 July

How to Migrate Outlook XP/2003 Settings To New PC

Migrate Outlook XP/2003 Settings To New PC

Outlook is the updated version of email and used by lots of individuals to make their communication tasks easier.It has several important features that helps in giving the result oriented outputs.There may certain occasions when individual will need help for the technical hassles,user should reach the customer support team.

Here,individual will see the proper guidelines suggested by Outlook tech support team:-
What is the method to migrate Outlook 2003 settings to the new PC?

1. First,user need to open Outlook on the old PC and wait till the
    emails got downloaded
2. It is now required to disable the internet connection or turn off
    send and receive email in Outlook XP
3. Individual are now required to disable email checking in Outlook
4. There is need to do the same on the copy of Outlook express and
    Outlook 2003
5. User should now migrate the personal folder file by using the
    export wizard in the old copy of Outlook 2003
6. However,there is need to migrate rules and the safe blocked senders
7. It is now required to open Outlook express on the old PC and should
    navigate to “File”,”Import” and “Mail account settings”
8. Choose Microsoft windows messaging for exchange or Outlook as email
    client to import and tap “Next”
9. Tap “Account” that you want to transfer and select “Next”
10.Choose “Accept Settings”,tap “Next” and “Finish”
11.Individual could repeat the same steps and import each account that
     you wish to have in their new PC
12.Tap the “Tools” and “Accounts” in OE and should click “Mail” tab
     Select the email account that you wish to transfer to new PC and
     tap “Export” button
13.Save the exported files into the folder and copy this folder to new
14.User should open Outlook express and choose Tools and Accounts
15.Click “Mail” tab and select “Import”
16.Choose email account that you wish to transfer to Outlook 2003 and
     tap “Open”
17.It is now need to open Outlook 2003 on new PC and select
     File,Import and Export and then “Import Internet mail account
18.Choose “Next” and select account to import,tap “Next”
19.Update your account information and then tap “Next”
20.There is need to continue until the internet login page will
      appear,user should do the login password for the account
      Process can be repeated for the import of each mail account and
      then close all programs
21.Re-enable your internet connection when the migration got complete

There are still some people who needs help for the above given technical hassle.To get instant help,there is need to reach Outlook customer service team immediately.They will guide until the problem will not be solved completely.


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