10 May

How to fix google app not working on android

Google application is the search application provided by Google for the user's utilization. With the use of Google application people can easily search for any topic on the internet and further can make use out of it. User who is using any of the android device or the Google devices already gets this application on their device as it is a default one. Besides, for getting Google application on other devices, people can easily download it from the internet.

 On the other hand, there are also various issues that keeps on occurring while user is accessing the Google application and among which google app not working is the most common issue related to it. This issue is a major problem but can be solved by following the below mentioned steps :

  • Firstly, the Google user should make sure that they are connected with a proper internet connection as many times bad connectivity with the internet leads to this issue.
  • Also, the wifi services from which the user's android device is connected should be checked for proper connection as slow wifi connections also creates such type of problems.
  • If there is no problem with the internet connections then the user should simply switch off their android device and should again restart it and should check whether the issue is solved or not.
  • Also the user should make sure that they have the updated version of Google application as because of the old version also this issue occurs.
  • The user should make a check on the time and settings of the particular android device on which the user is accessing Google application.

Therefore, the issue of google app not working on android can easily be solved by following the above mentioned steps. The steps needs to be followed in the correct way so that there is no more problem in accessing Google application on the user's android device.

 Google App Support Number 

For more details the user can even dial the google support number and can talk with the concerned representatives regarding this specific topic. The representatives available on the phone lines are available all day for helping the user.

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