19 June

How to Email Large Files from cox email account

Cox email has large database of profound users meaning that there are many users who access the mail account on daily basis to get all their business as well as personal work done and attachments form an integral part of it. Users will often use this mail account to send and receive attachments across different parts of the world. But when it comes to sending and receiving large attachments then users often face difficulties and it is then the need of Cox email tech support is facilitated. This is because top quality support services can then be offered from the experts of the domain. However users with good knowledge in technical domain will not have to do this as they can simply move down the below mentioned tutorial to get their issue resolved.

5 ways to email large files from Cox email account

  1. Should have a good internet connection – In order to send large attachments instantly users will need to first ensure that they have a good internet connection as if there is no good internet connection then in no way users can send and receive large attachments.
  2. Check the maximum limit size of the attachment – Next users need to ensure that the file they have attached is within the limit size as in any case if it exceeds the limit then some sort of error or issue will arise which will prevent the attachment from happening.
  3. Use file compression – If the file is large then it is obvious that considerable amount of time will take to make the attachment an effective one. Users can use the file compressor in such cases and reduce the file size and instantly they can send the same to the recipient to get their things done.
  4. Use Email filters - Users can also use email filters to do all sorts of searching and sorting and also reducing the file size. 
  5. Get in touch with Cox email technical support phone numberIf things are not working for the users then they can ensure that it will work by getting in touch with the experts of the domain. In order to get the issue fixed via the certified technicians users can simply dial the 24/7 Cox email technical support phone number which is available at any point throughout the year. They will offer all the necessary knowledge and tips to the users so that they can easily attach large files and also fix issues if they are facing within the shortest span of time. Their main goal is to ensure that they do not lose any of the important productivity when facing troubles.
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