12 July

How to Create and Use Templates in Outlook Email

Today Email has become the most important mode of communication. Email stands for electronic mail as it require electricity for its functioning. Email has brought a communication revolution in whole world as it allows us to communicate across the whole world in very quick time. Earlier communication across the world was not this much simpler as messages takes many days to reach the receiver. Outlook is a renowned email provider. It has more than millions of user. Outlook provides many user friendly features and offer and thus attract many people across the globe. Its user varies from individual to professional and from youngsters to older person because outlook takes care of its entire customer. Outlook has always been a leader in its field due to its wide customer range and wide variety of features offered by it.
How to Create and Use Templates in Outlook Email
Besides all the features offered by outlook one of the best thing about this email provider is that it enable us to create and use template very easily.
1.   First of all open your email account.
2.   Click on new message, a new message window will appear.
3.   In body part write your content.
4.   Now in same window click on file option.
5.   Now click the save as option and save the given template by a particular name.
6.   In this way you have created a template in outlook.

Use Templates in Outlook Email
Using outlook templates are very easy if following steps are followed properly:-
1.    Click on home tab
2.    In new group, click new item, point to more item and choose form.
3.    A new dialogue box will appear.
4.    Select look in option in appeared dialogue box and click user template in file system.
5.    Now choose the template you want to use from the list of templates appeared.
Outlook technical support number is always activated to support their user. Outlook has a separate team to provide outlook tech support. Outlook technical support number is toll free and is available 24*7 so assist its users. Outlook tech support team provides much information to its users regarding the creation and use of templates in outlook. The team consists of experienced representative who are always passionate to help you, So contact us whenever you need us.

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