13 February

How to Clear a Paper Jam in canon printer

While using Canon Printer, if the user face a problem regarding the tearing of jammed paper and the user unable to remove the paper either from paper output slot or from the transport unit or the jammed paper remains inside the machine then he or she needs to contact the canon printer technical support and remove the paper by following the procedure.


It is important for the users to know that they cannot turn off the power while the machine is sending or receiving or when the data is unsent and are stored in the machine's memory. However, if the Canon Printer is disconnected prior to the completion of the task then the stored memory will be deleted.


1. In case, the user desires to turn off the machine and remove jammed paper while printing then he or she need to press the Stop button to cancel printing jobs and then turn off the machine and unplug the power cord from the power supply and then pen the paper output cover.


2.It is advised not to touch the clear film as because if the paper or the user’s hands touch the parts and blot or scratch them then the machine can be damaged.


3. The user needs to make sure that the jammed paper is not under the FINE cartridge holder.


4. But if it is so, then he or she needs to move the FINE cartridge holder to any of the edges whichever is easier and then remove the paper and hold the jammed paper with hands and then slowly pull the paper out without tearing and also removing all the papers then close the paper output cover, then reload the paper.


5.The user needs to command reprint if necessary as because all print jobs in the queue will be canceled. 


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