13 July

How Redirect The Incoming Mails Automatically To Another windows live mail Account Right Now .

Many times, it happens that the users of the Windows Live Mail feel a need to direct some of the incoming emails in their email account to some another email account in an automatic manner. Although it seems an easy task after looking at the above sentence, in reality, it is like pushing a mountain for some of the users. So, if similar things are occurring with you, then don't worry because the expert techies of the windows live mail technical support is here to fix every of your issues with the help of the steps mentioned in this article.

1.The first step is to launch the WINDOWS LIVE MAIL app on your PC.
2.After that, you have to go to the FILE option and then you have to further click on the INFO button and then on the MANAGE RULES AND
ALERTS button.
3.In the next step, you have to click on the NEW RULE button and then on the OK button.
4.Next, you have to select the option named as APPLY THE RULE ON THE RECEIVED MESSAGES, which is located under the section named as START
5.After that, you have to click on the NEXT button so that the RULES WIZARD WINDOW can be launched.
6.Now, it's the time to check the boxes next to the SENT ONLY TO ME and along with that, select the option in which your name is in either
of the To box or the CC box.
7.Next, you have to click on the NEXT button and then select the actions.
After that, you have to enter an email address and then click on the NEXT button twice and then click on the APPLY button as the final step.

In case, you have to face any kind of problems while redirecting your emails, then don't forget to contact the windows live mail technical support immediately for availing the best possible guidance. user can call our toll free number: 1 844 622 4283 .

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