02 February

Getting failed while Making a Mailing List with cox email account? Adhere few simple steps:

Cox email is used as free webmail account by millions of the users in all over the world. To get the rapid emailing service from the Cox email account, is completely easy to install on several apps for the mobile devices.Users can have more benefits of the features and services by using this webmail account like Quick mailing service, instantly change the password option, Two-step verification security, One-time password systemand more.

Despite associating with the attractive features and services, There are several users who commonly have to struggle with the maximum complex issues with the Cox email account. At that circumstance,s the users can contact and interact with a bunch of technicians of the Cox email via making a call at
Cox email technical support phone number. Here a user can get the incredible opportunity to share their queries in terms of the technical glitches.

By using this article, the users will know about the mailing list when a user needs to regularly send mass e-mails to the same group of people which already creating a mailing list, should simplify the process. But in case they have no idea how to make a mailing list in Cox then they can have the guidance to fix the issue in a very short span of the time.

Following are the steps for making a mailing List in cox email account described below:

  • At first, a user needs to open Cox email, and then he has to click the "cox" button on the left showing in the display.
  • Then he has to click the Contacts option and then click the "New Group" option to open it.
  • Click on the "Work" group to open it and select the "Add People" icon and then click the add button.
  • Click Next and then click on the contact for example friend`s name and add it to the group.
  • Click the add button and then click the Continue the same procedure until user enter all his work contacts and his e-mails also must be show.
  • The new group of a mailing list will be shown on user`s Contacts, with the number of contacts in "Work" in parenthesis.  
  • Finally, click the "Contacts" button, then the "cox" option in order to return to the original page.
  • Now click the "Compose" button to start the composing for an e-mail to the new "Work" group.

For further support and information, a user can make a simple call at Cox email tech support phone number which is available round the clock for the help of the users to fix the various issues related to the Cox email at any rate. So, feel free and contact certified and experienced techies who fix the issue at the certain point of the time.

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