How can users remove contact list in bellsouth account with Bellsouth email technical support team ?

Removing a contact from the contact list in Bellsouth account is not at all time consuming and users can easily execute the steps involved by taking some guidance from the technicians of their customer support team. Users who don’t have the requisite technical acumen should take help from their technicians to avail the benefits of their precise solution.

Following are the steps to add and remove contact list in Bellsouth account as provided by Bellsouth support Team.

  • To remove contacts from Bellsouth account, users must first learn about adding contacts.
  • It must be noted that users can manually add any person or email address as a contact at any time.
  • Users must first of all login to their bellsouth account, and then select Contacts tab.
  • In the next step, users must choose a New Contact in the top left corner of the screen and then provide the contact details, and then select Save.
  • If users want to Add contacts from email then they must open an email from the person they want to add.
  • Users must then select the person's name in the top left corner.
  • In the next step, users must select Add to Contacts.
  • In the final step, users must edit and add contact details as needed, and then select Save.

In case users want to add people to their contacts, then they can add them together by importing their information from another email account. Users can easily import contacts from various sources and then can upload a contact file from your computer.

To do that, users must simply choose the contacts tab from your AT&T email page

  • In the next step, users must choose the Import Contacts option in the middle of the page
  • Once this is done, users must then choose the Import option next to the program you choose, and then follow the instructions.
  • If users want to remove a contact from their bellsouth account then they must choose the name of the person they want to remove from the contact list within the contacts section of your email
  • Users must then choose Edit Details to make some changes or Delete to remove the person from their contact list

You can also contact Bellsouth email customer service Team for getting instant support 

If users want to avail more info on removing the contact list in bellsouth account, the their best bet is to call at bellsouth email tech support, which is toll free. Some of the best technicians will make use of a remote desktop to provide some of the easiest and quickest solutions for all kinds of issues. All their solution steps as well as their troublshooting steps to get to the root cause of issues are provided round the clock by their techicians and that too at cost effective rates. In case users cannot make a phone call, then there is also an option of posting queries on the online forums of belkin for a good discussion.


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